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Insecticide compatibility

The following websites provide information on the side-effects of pesticides through charts or interactive keys. Note that the provided information should serve as a guide only. Some information is observational only, based on field experience, and may have underestimated sublethal effects or residual toxicity.

Because a pesticide is safe to one parasitoid/predator does not mean that it is safe to all parasitoids/predators and in all circumstances. There may even be differences in susceptibility between strains of the same biocontrol agent., and in pesticide formulation or use pattern. Addition of an adjuvant may render a 'safe' pesticide highly toxic. If in doubt, use as a spot treatment only and observe effects carefully for at least two weeks, or check with your supplier of biological control agents.

Web sites of interest

Australasian Biological Control Association, Australia/NZ - Chemicals and natural enemies (web page)

Applied Bio-nomics Ltd, Canada - Effect of chemicals (PDF, 150kb)

Biobest Biological Systems, Belgium - Interactive key (web page)

Koppert Biological Systems, The Netherlands - Interactive key (web page)