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Company information

Biological Services commenced operations in Loxton, South Australia, in 1971. It was the first commercial insectary in Australia.

The initial focus was on producing Aphytis melinus for the citrus industry in southern and inland citrus districts.

Since then, the company has grown and it now produces a range of field and greenhouse biocontrol agents. Biological Services work closely with relevant government agencies such as SARDI, NSW Ag, HAL and private consultants to continually improve IPM programs and develop new biocontrol agents.

New innovations are planned for the future, with continual research and development into a wide range of potential biocontrol agents.

Production of biocontrol agents has been significantly increased since 2004 with the building of an environmentally-controlled greenhouse. This will also be used for research purposes to expand our range of beneficial organisms to control other pests. We also grow a range of produce including tomato, cucumber, eggplant, chillies, leafy vegetables and herbs on a small scale to demonstrate and experiment with pesticide-free production systems. The produce is very popular with local consumers - fresh, local and pesticide free!